Credit Lifecycle Solutions


Upstream Logix provides Fraud and Risk data resources for the alternative lending market. 

About Us

About Upstream Logix


Upstream Logix, LLC. provides  information to providers and develops efficient and effective data products to help companies reduce high-risk exposure.  Upstream’s robust product line provides fraud and risk information that is not available  from traditional sources, and assists clientele in gaining a  competitive advantage by viewing unique data attributes.

Comprehensive Approach


 Upstream’s data is compiled from a variety of providers.

We target data for the under-banked, near prime, and  subprime as these verticals have a limited credit history footprint, and accessing their creditworthiness can be high risk.

Upstream enables providers to know more about these consumers, and assist our clients in the underwriting and fraud prevention process.

Committed to Service


Every successful financial strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include exceeding our client’s every expectation. Call us today to find out how we can suggest long- and short-term strategies that will help you limit your risk and exposure.




 At Upstream Logix, data is the foundation of our  business. 

As the alternative  financial services market has evolved and grown into a  trillion dollar industry, so has the reach and performance of our data. 

 Upstream Logix solutions let you make smarter decisions, with a more  complete view into consumer behavior that helps to take less risk. By pairing traditional data with  powerfully alternative insights from the wireless, banking and sub-prime  markets, Upstream Logix enables smarter, more predictive decisions  across the customer life-cycle. Unlock the potential with Upstream Logix.



Building on years of historical data that you cannot procure anywhere else,  Upstream Logix is strategically  positioned in the industry as the leading alternative source for fraud and risk related analytics. Our analytics and scoring team have more than 50 years of credit and risk analytics experience. 


Credit Lifecycle Solutions

As the market has grown, the need for more innovative solutions has  also expanded. Upstream Logix addresses these needs with targeted and  customized solutions, empowering our clients to grow and maintain customer acquisition,  decision-making, credit management and efficiency in every aspect of  the consumer’s credit lifecycle.

  • Acquire consumers
  • Maintain profitable portfolios through powerful data and advanced Analytics
  • Advance risk management
  • Optimize Collection efforts, reducing expense and loss

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